Scratching Post About

An app to help you track your medications.

Pillbug can notify you up to 6 times daily to remind you to take medications. We set out to solve a problem that other medication reminders have: you don’t have to prove you took a medication to mark the reminder as complete. This leads to at least a couple bad scenarios:

  1. You see the reminder on your phone, mark it as complete immediately and add it to your mental to-do list after you get some water, take a shower, etc… You see where this is going, you forget!
  2. Sometime later in the day you think “hmm, did I take that pill?” and see that the reminder was completed on your phone, but (see above) you’re not sure whether that means you actually took it or just intended to.

Pillbug solves these problems by logging medication doses with a picture! Take a picture of the pill in your hand or a selfie taking a sip of water afterwards. This encourages you to actually take your medication before logging your doses as complete. And you can easily check your history of pictures to reassure yourself that you’re staying on top of your medications.

Pillbug is currently in beta access and is preparing for a full release soon. If you’d like access to the beta, email me.